The Power of Poo

On average a 1000 lb. dairy cow produces 82 pounds of manure a day. That’s a lot of poo. But also a lot of potential.

With dairy farmers required to submit manure and nutrient management plans; many are using waste as a secondary income and supplemental product. Here’s a few ways today’s smart producers are really harvesting the power of poo.

  1. As a natural soil builder – The nutrients in manure greatly improve soil quality. When managed and applied properly, they have the ingredients that give soil life.
  2. As a tool to prevent erosion and runoff – Dairy-produced manure naturally increases water infiltration into the soil and reduces soil dislodging, maintaining the precious land we need to farm.
  3. As an efficient, natural fertilizer – Many dairy producers are finding a great secondary market selling waste for potting soil, commercial applications and their own crop applications.
  4. As a carbon reducer – Manure keeps more carbon in the soil, resulting in lower amounts being released into the atmosphere.
  5. As a renewable energy source – Hundreds of dairy operations across the country are equipped to convert manure slurry into a renewable biogas piped to consumers – and the technology is only getting better.
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