Economic Growth: It all starts with a seed.

Planting a single seed in the soil starts an entire economic movement that reaches far beyond one plant in one farmer’s field.

It grows into what becomes an entire industry — agriculture, the number one economic contributor in South Dakota.

And agribusiness helps generate growth in related industries that have global connections. For example, corn production relies on the transportation industry to travel by trucks, railroads, barges, and even by container ships across the ocean when exported to other countries.

What’s more, our state’s farmers and ranchers also directly and indirectly help support small businesses across the state to raise funds and volunteer for our churches, schools, sports teams, and other organizations doing great things.

Profits grown from that seed are reinvested back into the local community, our state’s budget, the country’s infrastructure, and our global economy.

And it all starts with a seed that grows into corn here in South Dakota. This is farming.